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Libraries “got screwed” by Amazon and Overdrive

The outspoken librarian who runs the Librarian In Black Blog, has posted a 10 minute video about why the Kindle format lending from Overdrive is anti-user, anti-intellectual freedom, anti-library, and something that all librarians should be aware of and disturbed by (Warning: some language may be NSFW).

As disturbing as some of the raised issues are, this isn’t really a surprise. All online media companies take a great interest in tracking their users. For example, Facebook has claimed that they cannot reveal what they know about you, because  releasing your personal data reveals their trade secrets. As a user on slashdot commented : “You are Facebook’s intellectual property”.

The fact that we all know Google and Apple track us with their devices and are ok with it, means most of us have given in, or like the Librarian In Black says on her blog: “They did us wrong, and we bent over and took it.” Maybe the next time you are offered “free” content or services online, consider what exactly it is that you are paying with; it may not cost money, but it definitely isn’t free.


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